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Posts with #livres audio tag

Trevor Baxendale - Prisoner of the Daleks

July 19 2013 , Written by BlackButterfly Published on #THE Doctor, #Séries, #Livres Audio

Résumé The Daleks are advancing, their empire constantly expanding to Earth's space. The Earth forces are resisting the Daleks in every way the can. But the battles rage on across countless solar systems. And now the future of our galaxy hangs in the...

Jason Arnopp - The Gemini Contagion

July 19 2013 , Written by BlackButterfly Published on #THE Doctor, #Séries, #Livres Audio, #Futuriste

Résumé Meera Syal reads this exclusive audio story featuring the Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond. The ice-planet Vinsk, in the year 2112. The all-new anti-viral handwash, Gemini, has been laced with Meme-Spawn: a sentient micro-organism which makes the user...

Simon Messingham - The Day of the Troll

August 18 2012 , Written by Black Butterfly Published on #Livres Audio, #THE Doctor

Résumé When the Doctor arrives on Earth in the far future, he is horrified to find the planet beset by famine and starvation. England is a barren wasteland, and scientists are desperately seeding the ground to make the crops grow again. But now it seems...